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Stats based on game length


I know this is hard but having op values be different for early mid and late would be great, maybe also adding ways for the game to end early mid game

Suggested by: Davud


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  • 03 May, '17
    LOL Champion Team

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your suggestion.
    As you said this is a little bit hard to implement but we will keep it in mind for the future.
    Currently we are discussing other ways to increase the team composition value (sinergy between champions, counterpicks, ...).

  • 15 Jun, '17
    Davide Giallombardo

    Really a good suggestion!
    Champions like Lee or Cait should be stronger in early and weaker in late etc...

  • 19 Jul, '17
    Alfons Merged

    Some champs are better early, mid or late game so i thought that each champ gets a bonus at certain stages of the game.

  • 25 Jul, '17

    Dude I didn't think about it but you're totally right! Since I loved the idea of the game I will stay tuned hoping to see if this and other ideas happen :)

  • 26 Jul, '17

    If you have counter picks you can't have late game stats cause you would prefer the late game champion anyways (all games get to late game) for example fiora-pantheon, panth is the counter but in late fiora wins anyways.

  • 04 Aug, '17
    Snorli Merged

    Give more op in erly for champs like Lee (shold lose over time ) and rise op for champs to late like vay and kog

  • 08 Aug, '17
    Nguyễn Bá Duy Anh Merged

    You can make the battle a bit less plain by adding some random op points between phases of the match. Like the ones who are not joining the fight, make them a bit stronger like they are farming (1-5 points perhaps) and the teammates fought so they have spaces. And it's a joy to watch your champions grow, too (it's really important for this kind of game). Stimulate it like a real game, not every match are the same. Anyway your game has a lot of protential, great work so far guys, keep it up. :D

  • 10 Aug, '17
    Clint Strife Merged

    Seen a few post like this already but, some champs get power spikes from there Ults and depending on item builds, eg Some Adc have 2 item power spikes and others have 3 item power spikes, so set up game into a few more Segments, Lets just assume all champs are perfect farmers too haha, Please keep up the good work i want to see this game go far

  • 10 Aug, '17
    Theo Kazakidis Merged

    When late game kicks in every champion gets a buff (depending on the champ) like... Yi gets 90 draven 80 vayne 70 nasus 90 renekton 10 (lul)

  • 02 Nov, '17
    Ban Dinh

    Hi, this can be possible, you are using and there you can find facts for win rate at a moment in the game 20 -25 min 40-45 etc so that maybe can be used here.

  • 13 Dec, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Scale op champions" (suggested by Xunmi on 2017-12-10), including upvotes (1) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 13 Dec, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Game phase stats update" (suggested by Tkus on 2017-10-27), including upvotes (1) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 13 Dec, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Power spike " (suggested by Sonicphantom on 2017-10-19), including upvotes (4) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

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