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Show Counterpicks and Synergies lists


With the new update, top/mid counter picks and bot lane synergy were added. There should be some way to know what are good counters or what have good synergy without having to wing it and guess. We aren't all Diamond. And at the very least, Xayah and Rakan should have synergy.

Suggested by: theYEEF


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  • 26 Jul, '17

    The counters and synergy are based on so its based on win rates not on real synergy thats why xayah and rakan don't have synergy.

  • 26 Jul, '17

    Happy I scrolled before making my own post. I love the new update and being able to see counters and synergy. However why is it that Xayah and Rakan have no synergy? Two champs MADE for EACH OTHER. Please give them synergy as well.

  • 26 Jul, '17

    Defenetaly with your point!

  • 27 Jul, '17

    League doesn't tell you who synergizes and who counters who, this is something you learn through experience.

  • 29 Jul, '17

    I dont know how It's based off, they should give an explanation in some way. I see no correlation. Like Draven, why does he get a buff with blitz when it isn't his best synergy partner according to Or why doest lucian get a bonus with janna when says thats the best synergy combination? How is deciding these things if what I see on the site is incredibly different than whats shown in the game?

  • 30 Jul, '17
    Rasmus Merged

    I know that on it pretty much says it there. But it would be really smooth if you didn't have to go to an external website to look it up. Make is so that everyone can see it in game. I think that this will really add a lot of value to the game.

  • 31 Jul, '17
    TastyPotatoNL Merged

    Here's a (full) list of every synergy and counter (only rare and uncommon).
    Link: ""

  • 03 Aug, '17
    Mark Merged

    I don't even think the data they use is accurate. I picked Tahm Kench into Darius >60% win rate, no bonuses. Either inaccurate, or they only put a couple of matchups in, so it would be nice to know which counterpicks have been added for the patch

  • 04 Aug, '17
    Koronus Merged

    Yeah because even that over does not really let me show it.

  • 15 Aug, '17
    The Noper

    Janna seems to have synergy with every adc I've tried and I don't know why

  • 15 Aug, '17
    Daniel Castellanos

    yeeees pls

  • 20 Aug, '17
    Jurguen Merged

    A list of synergies of champions and a list of couter picks
    Since I as a player of lol semi veteran identify themselves but rookies may not know it
    Pd: very good game is a good strategy improvement tool

  • 11 Sep, '17

    I agree a list of synergies and counter picks should be created, although I think it should be hidden until found. Sure you can look at to find this information but it should be hidden in game until you actually use a synergies'd couple or a counter pick then it should be shown somehow/somewhere. That way it gives players who have played longer some for of advantage over new players if new players have not put in a little research.

  • 16 Sep, '17

    Hey, theYEEF I play against you a lot man, Im 2700 lp Master.

  • 14 Oct, '17

    I am for that the counterpick synergy hunt that you does not have to discover all the last time found and still available again.

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