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So..people that achieved Master tier (waiting for the Challenger one), have currently no source of serious rewarding (obviously i mean coins and diamond chests), except real money deals..that is like pay to win situation..not a good thing for gamers.. so.. i would suggest fastening the ranking displaying schedule so Top ranks of Master get their rewards soon.. or.. put it to daily rewards for all tiers accordingly..(like bronze chest for bronzes, gold chest for goldies etc.) or just fair amount of daily coins..thats all..thank you

Suggested by: Kostas Papachri

Under consideration

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  • 16 Jul, '17

    Couldn't agree more!

  • 20 Jul, '17

    Definitely agree! I'm right now climbing in Masters, but it's not as fun when you don't feel like you've got any specific target, only "higher league points". Having rewards for every 100 LP or so could work as well!

  • 15 Aug, '17
    Pingoo Merged

    In master, for each 100LP win a gold pack. Without pack, we have no challenge.

    Challenger(ladder) exist in this game ?

  • 19 Aug, '17
    Mihale Merged

    No... i m master with 200pcts

  • 06 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Master - gold pack" (suggested by Pingoo on 2017-08-15), including upvotes (1) and comments (1), was merged into this suggestion.

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