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Winner = +1 Gold


Add +1 gold for winner

Suggested by: Raúl Collado


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  • 08 Jul, '17

    Would be nice if there was a tournament mode where u get 1 gold if u win 3rd place, 2 gold if u win 2nd place, and 4 gold if u win 1st place but u can only participate in one tournament ever 6 hours or so, so that people cant farm endless gold

  • 18 Nov, '17

    Yes, either this or make sure we get the gold from daily prizes every day instead of every few days

  • 13 Dec, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    We've implemented a new reward system. You will get a reward for each 3 victories. You can win coins, champions, tickets, PI and even reveal synergies and counterpicks.

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