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Ban afk players for minutes


Some players who banned his champion or won him by selecting one of his champions who uses the other player leaves the game or does not choose the champion and is left afk and if one expects the game to return it to the main menu the Game continues with its countdown and is repeated several times

Suggested by: Daniel felipe dictto millan

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  • 19 Jul, '17
    Daniel felipe dictto millan

    It's a cpu bug

  • 13 Aug, '17

    It happens all the time to me,players stays afk and dont pick,so i cant do anything and my only option is to close and restart the game,but i lose points for doing so,its really annoying,maybe you can at least leave players in main menu again and make the afk's lose some points instead of us having to restart and lose points because of them.

  • 16 Aug, '17
    Clint Strife

    i recommand taking a screen shot and contact player support, i did that they just told me to make sure i take a screen shot and they will try to fix yur match history

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