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You should open shop with all champs in game but users could buy every champ only once and i they wanted to upgrade it they could use cases or buy champs from daily rotation.

Suggested by: Ingus

Under consideration

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  • 30 Jun, '17

    this would make game more fare, balanced, interesting, lol like if u make same price for champs as in game

  • 09 Jul, '17

    This would not make game more fare, it would be whoever gets first pick bans the second rate champs and always have the first tier as their choice

  • 14 Jul, '17

    I think there should be only shown, which lvl one op this champ now has because as a person who does not play LoL but only this manager game, it is hard to see, if this new champ is worth it.

  • 08 Aug, '17

    I dont think this is a great idea... It would make the game early to easy. Im Master and I still have some of the strong picks level 1.

  • 28 Sep, '17

    I think this is a great idea, as long as you are only able to buy one. Luckier people who already have all high OP champs otherwise have a huge advantage.

  • 02 Nov, '17
    Ban Dinh

    The champs have to be very expensive but we already have a shop and how will you(LCM) earn money on people buying chests if everything can be bought as single champs.

  • 29 Jan

    I would actually love this. The random rotation as it is now is really annoying. Having access to all of the champs would be nice.

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