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Synergy bonus


You can try to make some synergy bonuses. Here are some examples. Yasuo gains 5% if there is Maplhite, Alistar etc in team. Braum and Luci gain bonus when put together etc.

Suggested by: ice_cyber


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  • 29 Jun, '17
    Joseph H Domzalski

    Some stuff works better together like xayah and rakan the game currently has no way of quantifying champion compatibility

  • 30 Jul, '17
    Calvin Knoop

    I like the new bonus in the game but i guess there is something wrong i play xayah rakan and i get nothing but corki and janna got big Synergie

  • 09 Sep, '17
    Kyle Carreon

    Sona and Kalista have +15 synergy

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