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More Random "Events"


Why don't make it more random with gank's.
It's always neither top or bot which is clear but it's always as example the both top champs + both jungler or both adc's and sup's + jngl

why isn't it sometimes like top vs top and jng. like it is in the real game.
another example:

1 adc + jng vs 1 adc + 1 supp and stuff like that.

not always top vs top
jng vs jng
mix it up sometimes
jng attacks midlane alone
supp helps jng
and so on

i hope you like the idea :)

Suggested by: Rony Steinlechner

Under consideration

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  • 23 Jun, '17
    Davide Giallombardo

    I agree with you, I suggested the same thing some days ago!

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