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Be able to select new icons

Suggested by: John


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  • 15 Aug, '17
    theYEEF Merged

    I think it would be fun and cool to be able to change or buy different summoner icons, like in the actual game. You obviously can't use Riot's actual icons, so it'd be best to make or find some knockoffs, like you did with the champion pictures. I'm nearing 2000 league points in Master, so I'm just looking for more stuff to do. Keep on at it!

  • 18 Aug, '17
    Piotr Korgiel

    Not bad but missing more of these icons avatar.Add more icons,

  • 20 Aug, '17

    It was be nice if u could change profile icon and name

  • 21 Aug, '17
    corra PWX

    Flaz plis not like im icons.

  • 27 Aug, '17

    Let us change the nickname please:D

  • 06 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Summoner Icon" (suggested by theYEEF on 2017-08-15), including upvotes (3) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

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