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There should be a little percentage on team fights and/or baron and dragon fights, for the weaker team to make team kill, or to steal a boss from the betters (now who gets the first dragon kill wins the game)

Suggested by: Dallon

Under consideration

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  • 26 Jun, '17
    David Dawson

    I agree. Currently the Baron is based on a team fight as a whole and the team with a higher OP wins everytime which triggers a 20 percent score increase and 2 objectives being taken which almost always leads to another team fight for Nexus. If team fights are just based on the higher OP rating, the team with Baron will win everytime. Adding elder Drake for late game wouldn't be a bad idea either.

  • 27 Jun, '17
    Luiz Carneiro

    Nunu should have a bigger chance to steal drag/baron

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