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Battle Speed and Skip


Put an option of 2x Speed and skip

Suggested by: Matheus Henrique

Not planned

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  • 21 Jun, '17

    It must be possible to skip if the opponents have much more op and you know you will have no chance from beginning.

  • 21 Jun, '17

    or x4 too when you know at beggining it's a secured win

  • 29 Jun, '17
    Kirigaya Kazuto Kirito

    Nope I totally NOT AGREE with this!👎Please..what's the point when you ban the champs and pick them then you fast forward or skip???Re you kidding me?Just that?You should enjoy the gameplay.I'm surely they will add some sort of updates to the gameplay that not only rely on OP points.Please I hate game that have speed up and especially SKIP feauture.Just don't lose hope on your team!

  • 01 Jul, '17

    Or at least let the game focus one lane when one team's op is ahead in every lane. Like an "open mid" option

  • 07 Jul, '17

    I think the skip should be the surrender which should be viable to click on after like 3 lane fights.

  • 02 Aug, '17

    Skip should to be added because if you played 200+ games like me you know the outcome before game starts and watching the same thing over and over gets boring. Later if the game will be changed so that there are more possibilities to win it will be still boring to wait up to 2 min for game to end so if not skip 2x should be enough to keep me and a lot of people playing.

  • 03 Aug, '17
    ZiRoX Le Con

    If you want to skip , wait for the first blood then quit the app (quit,not leave) then click on the app and the game will be already finished :p

  • 17 Aug, '17

    If more strategy is added, then it will not be necessary to skip the games

  • 06 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Capacity to speed ×2 the game or next it" (suggested by Karim on 2017-08-04), including upvotes (2) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 11 Sep, '17

    I find in the games current state since the game is highest OP wins and there's no deeper gameplay it gets annoying when each round is 30sec - ~1min. I know you can just close out and re-open and that resets your round and you take a loss like that. There should be an easier way in game like a button to FF or skip match so you don't have to close out or waste time.

  • 23 Oct, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    We will add more strategy to the game so as "Jean" said, it won't be necessary. Although we will add a "surrender" button.

  • 18 Nov, '17

    Until you can actually do something in games, just shut down the app after you press start in champ select (you can do it as early as the counters being shown). When you reload, the game will have been played. No need to wait and you cab also fit in more games

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