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I feel like the game has a LOT of potential to be a more strat game than a numbers game. I feel like you should be able to call shots for each lane in early, late, and mid game. For example, if you have an op disadvantage in top lane you could tell your top laner to play safe. If your mid is a really strong champ get them to absolutely destroy the enemy mid. If theres a strong bot lane tell your jg to gank them a bit more than other lanes. Or be able to tell your team NOT to engage on a team that's way ahead. Just an idea.

Suggested by: Joe Schmoe


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  • 17 Jun, '17
    Henry Merged

    Players are able to call what their champs should do in each fight and they choices counter each other and it bring ore fun to the game and it makes players think that they are actually playing the game but not just looking at the result so hope u will use my suggestions.

  • 22 Jun, '17
    Katashima Merged

    This would really be a nice thing!! Up Up!

  • 27 Jun, '17
    Arieste Merged

    I was thinking about this. I have good mid an jg laners, but my bot and top barely reach 100 op and the rest of the ppl always use 120+ op and it's frustrating to lose all the fights because I can't use my mid and jg advantage. Also, it's quite rare that all fights are symetric. You don't see very often the two junglers ganking the same line or the teleports being used at the same time. So the idea of taking decisions would be great

  • 25 Jul, '17
    GuerreroƁguila Merged

    Completely agree about this! I actually loved the idea of the game when I first saw the app, but when I started playing, whereas I actually liked the game, it was far from what I imagined and got really dissapointed. This app should be all about strategy and not just OP points, hope that since still in the Beta, creators take the app on that way, if anyone interested I,m planning on posting more deeply my ideas about this topic :D

  • 25 Jul, '17

    Absotuletly agree man!

  • 30 Jul, '17

    Would be awesome. BUT then everyone will have a passive win rate of around 0% because in active games everyone just wrecks. So yea would be great with shot-calling, but should be balanced so you dont win every match.

  • 02 Aug, '17
    MoonArcher Merged

    Yes, its frustrating, when ur bot is losing 2-3 fights in a row.
    Second option is to choose to play passive or aggressive. It was normal in LoL, when u cant win a fight, u def and wait foe gangs.

  • 08 Aug, '17
    Clint Strife Merged

    I like the idea u can tell ur Jg early game what lane to gank, Mid game u get 4 moves Top (Push,Rift (If u put it in at some point),Gank(Tp bot or walk mid),Defend) Mid (Push,Gank (Walk mid or bot) defend) Jg (Drag/Gank) Bot (Push, Drag, Defend),
    Telling all go mid makes it a teamfight
    and then late game sorta same but add TeamFight (Push/Defend) Baron, drag(elder)

  • 09 Aug, '17
    Jean Merged

    But the game still need to be easy to play, not too complex

  • 13 Aug, '17
    Toby Merged

    1. Chose what You wanna focus For your jung(top, Drake/baron, Invade, mid or bot)
    If Invade succeed then enemy jungler -20op
    2. Say how your laners need to play( Towers hug, freeze, poke, Towers dive or roam)
    If tower hug laner gets +25op in lane and So forth.
    3. Never set a full time fight Drake because it Will make someone auto lose.
    4 Set minions in the game for wave management. So if there is a fight won You cant always destroy a turret.

    And I am verry sorry for my bad english

  • 06 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Controllable game " (suggested by Henry on 2017-06-17), including upvotes (120) and comments (7), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 16 Sep, '17

    I dont think this i possible if you dont play head to head online. If it was head to head online you could take a move each like in chess. I think there needs more players before this happens.

  • 13 Dec, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    We've added the strategical decisions to the game. We hope you will enjoy it!

  • 13 Dec, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "More control" (suggested by Sebastian on 2017-09-25), including upvotes (1) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

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