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Ads for gold.


Obviously revenue is a win win for all so a 5 gold per ad x5 ads a day or something like that.

Suggested by: AIM


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  • 12 Jul, '17

    I'd prefer to keep this game ad free. Ads can get disruptive if implemented gratuitously.

  • 14 Jul, '17

    Pebblerelena there is no harm, when you can optional use adds. So instead of you have to pay for no adds you watch adds voluntary and get Gold for it because you have much more time then money.

  • 28 Jul, '17
    Márcio Almeida

    Totally Disagree

  • 30 Jul, '17

    I would like if they put adds for win 1 coin per add. Or something like that. Like a seccion where u press for watch a video if you want to win 2 coins. Its not easy earn points or coins. And the chest is so expensive in comparative with the rewards.

  • 09 Aug, '17

    Yeah a option to watch an add for coins would be great but i feel like 5 coins is more appropriate as a chest costs like 175

  • 10 Aug, '17

    1 ad 1/2 gold bcs 5 gold is op

  • 17 Aug, '17
    Marian Merged

    I don't know why you don't have this feature let us chose to which an add and win coins you chose how much coins maybe 5 adds for 1 coin or something I don't care but simply you win we win

  • 06 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Make it so players can watch ads for gold" (suggested by pi guy on 2017-08-09), including upvotes (1) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 06 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "1 add = 0.5 coins 2 adds =1" (suggested by Marian on 2017-08-17), including upvotes (1) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 11 Sep, '17

    I agree with this somewhat but I also think it can be abused. I think maybe allowing people to watch ads for gold a certain number of times a day would be beneficial to the players and devs and not make it abuse-able. Since if you allow it to be used endlessly some people will create bots that keep watching the ads the whole day making them get a pile of gold and overtake all the legitimate players.

  • 23 Oct, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    We are currently discussing this topic. As some of you said, we have to be careful to not allow sploits and keep the game as fair as it is now.

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