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So this days like I was playing and thought only when a champion has more op he wins lane what about counters like Veigar loses 10%op vs yasuo in early game or for whole match I think that if this was gonna be added for every champ it will be a lot more better for the game because everyone will want not only like one two champs for lane and thats it,it will need a lot more strategy and sure it will need somewhat skills I hope this feature gets added soon but I dont think it will be like in 1week it will be hard but you will see.a lot of improvement and good feedback from your players-more more gold buying

Suggested by: Basilhs Loupos


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  • 14 Jun, '17
    Nihatcan Yanık

    That would be great.

  • 16 Jun, '17

    I feel it would add more depth to the game. You really have to think about your picks and bans rather than just selecting the one with the most OP points.

  • 20 Jun, '17
    Bruno Duarte

    Would be very hard to implement, though, as there are many nuances in the real lol game that run the numbers you're saying. The fact that the Champs have op's is work made throughout two years or so that tries to make up for, eg, Veiga being shitty vs ad champions or Galio strong vs other aps

  • 21 Jun, '17
    GGioffredo Merged

    Sabemos que los campeones no siempre son igual de efectivos, en algunos casos un personaje es superior a otro personaje, estaría bueno que los OP aumenten o disminuyan en base al campeón que tengamos enfrente

  • 22 Jun, '17
    Matej Merged

    From or look up every week who has a better chance of winning vs who in lane for example ahri gets countered by kayle. Vs kayle she has 43.56% winrate but her avrage is 52.16% So make her op power go down for like the amount is needed from 43.56 to 52.16

  • 24 Jun, '17

    Absolutely. Add the counters ie. Negatively OP points deducted from opposing hard counters etc. Would be really cool. And mean strategy!

  • 25 Jun, '17
    muckguppy Merged

    Good suggestion. Would add strategy to picks

  • 30 Jun, '17
    Makkusun Merged

    Maybe add counter picks? For example, Lee sin have more op when he playing Vs kindred . Or yasuo get more op when he playing Vs akali

  • 05 Jul, '17

    There is no such thing as a hard counter with the right people playingthe champ.

  • 07 Jul, '17

    I guess some APIs offer this type of data. We can already look at this at for example. Will be an interesting, realistic and competitive feature!

  • 11 Jul, '17
    Valerio De Paolis Merged

    Good evening Im a lol fan and my advice is this:
    As you know,each champ is strong against one but weak against another.For example GAREN are weak aganist DARIUS or PHANTEON...but is strong against RIVEN or JAX...I advise you to use bonuses if your opponent's champ is a counter of your champ then you will have -10 op.Instead your champ is an opponent's counter you will have +10 op.obviously the champ selection must be secret in all lane.

  • 13 Jul, '17
    Luis Corona Merged

    I feel like the game is a great idea but I feel like it could be extended like adding counter picks that would bring the enemy op down for example hecarim and khazix if their both 100 khazix should be brought down by 20 I feel that would mix the game up because I feel since I just have characters that are stronger they usually just win very easily

  • 15 Jul, '17

    Just need to check a champion % winrate against a team with the champion x.
    Pick the 3 most dangerous that are on the same lane, and the 3 easiest. Add increasing/decreasing bonus to op.

  • 16 Jul, '17

    This is something important! Right now if you have a jungler with better op lvl you normally win the game

  • 17 Jul, '17
    nihel Merged

    this game need to have counterpicks implemented because this game is all about grinding and theres no reason to pick other champs in champ select. i was thinking about somekind of multiplier 1.25x for example vs champion u are strong against

  • 17 Jul, '17

    this has to be implemented because right now its all about grinding

  • 20 Jul, '17

    So this is now in game but nowhere in the game can u find the synergy of whos better with who and counterpicks.

  • 21 Jul, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Merged

    This is exactly what we did. We get stats from

  • 21 Jul, '17
    Justus Merged

    Is there any way to see who counters who and which ones that have synergy and so on? Thanks for the update btw! :-D

  • 22 Jul, '17
    Cody Merged

    Can we have a way to know who counters who and what adc is good with what support in the app

  • 24 Jul, '17
    Alolanduck Merged

    Its hard to find out who counters who, how does the match up get decided?

  • 24 Jul, '17
    1234567890 Merged

    Well lol? No you didnt, you used the stats but you didnt use the counters, or are you saying teemo vs garen doesnt change anything? Omg this producers are awfull

  • 24 Jul, '17
    AFR OnlyFox

    Isn't done.

  • 24 Jul, '17
    Craizor Merged

    Counters don t work

  • 25 Jul, '17
    ProDutcher Merged

    Counters do work on Android if you update it at the playstore. I think they are based winrates between champ comps that are stated on

  • 27 Jul, '17
    Tomebonk Merged

    Picking Teemo against Darius and there are no counterpick?

  • 27 Jul, '17
    Igor Merged

    They based on what? Win rate??

  • 27 Jul, '17

    For everyone who wants to know the synergies and counters, here is a chart. (Still in work)
    Link: ""

  • 03 Aug, '17

    For the chart , Kassadin counters Katarina :D

  • 06 Aug, '17

    The chart was "done" a week ago, then every counter, synergy changed again...

  • 06 Aug, '17
    Кирилл Пелепюк Merged

    Vsem privet

  • 15 Aug, '17
    Johne775 Merged

    Magnificent website. Lots of useful information here. Im sending it to some friends ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks for your sweat! gfebedkgbdbd

  • 15 Aug, '17
    Smithc469 Merged

    Thanks again for the blog post.Thanks Again. Cool. dkbeedeeeedfkebk

  • 19 Aug, '17
    Skolbie Merged

    Well fiora counters kled and vlad counters fiora you get a bonus 30 op points but you have to be in same lane

  • 01 Sep, '17
    Chester q_p

    Katarina vs Malzahar = Malzahar+30 op
    Alistar(supp) or Malph(Supp) + Yas = 5 op
    Xayah(Adc) + Rakan(Supp) = +15 op
    Mf(Adc) + Leona(Supp) = +15 op

  • 06 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin Merged

    "Counters picks? It can be great!" (suggested by Makkusun on 2017-06-30), including upvotes (7) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 06 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin Merged

    "Counterpick" (suggested by GGioffredo on 2017-06-21), including upvotes (3) and comments (3), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 06 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Counterpicks" (suggested by Matej on 2017-06-22), including upvotes (37) and comments (18), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 06 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "How the game works " (suggested by Luis Corona on 2017-07-13), including upvotes (5) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 06 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Suggestion counterpicks" (suggested by Valerio De Paolis on 2017-07-11), including upvotes (1) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 06 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Counterpicks" (suggested by nihel on 2017-07-17), including upvotes (4) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 09 Sep, '17
    Dragon is dead

    Traduz para português

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