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%to win fight


Thats point is litle sad bc when enamy team had more points u lose so fast. I think % to win will be good (fight 200 vs 100 and 200 had 99% to win but when 150vs 200 now 50% or smothink like that

Sory for my english

Suggested by: Marcin iwanczyk

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  • 03 Jun, '17
    Ben Crawford

    With that i like how it is because the jungle is so vital. I have won a game where i was down 100+ op and i won the game because my jungle dominated dragon which buffed the teaming allowing for a baron and a victory. And the % would eliminate that.

  • 03 Jun, '17
    Tom Richardon

    It's a good idea. I think when the 2 champions have the same op points it should be 50/50, then I suggest to add 0.5% for the better champion for each point in the difference between the champions. For example if a champion is 30 points better than his opponent, he'd get 50+0.5*30= 65% chance to win the trade. It would make a 100% chance to win with a 100+ difference.

  • 18 Jun, '17

    Hell yeah ! It's a really nice idea ! It's impossible to win when enemy have more then 10op... And if the jng enemy win Drake, it's finish...

  • 20 Jun, '17

    Would have to be well implemented... Or this would turn into an RNG game. I like the % for a few comebacks to be possible, but still would be stupid if comebacks were easy.

  • 27 Jun, '17

    When I coded some easy games, what I used to do to make a % chance to win is this:
    Suppose you pick a 134 op champ againat a 117 op champ (Ahri vs Kata if I'm not wrong). You add them, giving a total of 251 and then you roll a random number between 1 and 251. If it's 134 or lower, Ahri wins. If it's 135 or higher, Kata wins.

  • 27 Jun, '17

    100% a great idea! Wining by % instead of just the total of "points" would make it a better game. If not... The "battle" should end after bans and picks...
    Havea nice day!

  • 24 Jul, '17

    Just one thing, how the hell the people who made this game didnt think in all these ideas before? This game is just ridicoulous at this point, no sense, no strategy, no nothing, if i have a 110 op champ vs 111 op champ he will win ALL freakin fight

  • 29 Jul, '17
    Austin Goggans

    I appreciate who made this game. They put a lot of hard work into everything. It's not a poorly made game by any means. And he (or she) gets it out here for us to test and help improve. Some things are just hard to implement.

  • 31 Jul, '17

    The problem with it is that you will get very frustrated when you loose to RNG. I don't think that they should add RNG in to the game, but I do think that it shoulnd't be a number game.

  • 02 Aug, '17

    Arieste's idea on solving the problem is just great. We have seen many times situation like someone should win a fight and yet he ends losing.

  • 03 Aug, '17

    It cant be linear and it should have 100% (or 95% as most games suggest) to win if u have 50% more op. For example 200 op vs 100 op has 95%(max) chance to win, but 200 op vs 200 op has 50% chances to win.
    I guess that Unity has built-in some functions to make good non-linearity :)

  • 07 Aug, '17

    Adding this randomness would be a great addition!!! It would make the game less predictable and thus more interesting if you have a chance to win even though your champ is a little bit weaker. I'm looking forward to it

  • 13 Oct, '17

    I've always hated RNG personally. As an awefully unlucky person, this would be a major drawback. I make my own luck and dislike it when there is too much RNG. There is already an outplay system in game which makes it possible for a team to win even though they have lower op.

    What could be possible without relying on heavy rng, would be to give a ~10% op variation in fight. So basicly, during a fight, a 100op champion could see his op score varies between 90-110.

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