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Have like summoner spells, can control champions on when to attack defense skrimish,passives on champions like darius bleed it constantly reducing the points of the enemy team,items that can you buy ingame, minions kill that let you buy items, the game is only decided when you have much more points and thats unfair.. And you dont have any choice to face that person

Suggested by: AeLix

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  • 29 May, '17
    Ben Crawford

    I think what you are asking for is like a league of legends simulator. This game, in my opinion is not that. This game is something different because it does take strategy knowing who to ban and who to let through. Trust I would like to see more added to this game but it is still new. I personally would like to see someone else create a game like your talking about because I like how this game is.

  • 03 Aug, '17

    Ben Crawford what do you mean lol?
    This game right now is pure luck.
    If someone gets Jhin from a chest and a cho or darius and you are not that lucky its a gg

  • 18 Nov, '17

    Manager game?! Nope, just luck. Even calling the pick/ban phase strategical is a bit of a stretch...

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