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Certain champions just do not perform well in certain roles. What i am suggesting is reducing the champions op in that role. Such as since the change in champions op from the latest update. A level 1 Cait has more op in the jungle than my level 2 elise. In an actual match of league putting caitlyn in the jungle would hinder that team because of her kit she would not perform well in that role. So just as some characters gain op in certain roles they should also lose op in others.

Suggested by: Ben Crawford

Under consideration

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  • 20 Jun, '17

    Yes please... Today i played against a cait jgl with almost 200op... How is that even viable xD

  • 29 Jun, '17
    Do you even league?

    The fact that this has to be a suggestion and isnt common sense already gives me little hope for such an interesting concept. Like have you ever played league? Why are S tier junglers rated so low? Why are supports like Braum and Bard rated so low? Are you taking your stats from bronze tier games? My suggestion is actually learn about the game and its mechanics. Clearly you have done little to no research.

  • 23 Jul, '17

    When thresh jg have more op from rek say something is off
    When a champ play in his role he boost 40% legit.
    But when a supp plays jg u sould d-buff him for 40%

  • 29 Jul, '17
    Austin Goggans

    The reason S tier junglers are rated low is because he did do his research. He breaks down in the game why champs are rated how they are. He can't just say. Well the LCS plays him well so ryze will be moved up a lot even though he is bad everywhere else. I think bebuffing is the way to go.

  • 31 Jul, '17

    I am also sick of seeing Thresh jungle. If Thresh is in the jungle he should lose at least half of his OP. Thresh jungle is not a real thing.

  • 18 Nov, '17

    The problem is to do with how the app assigns champions for the enemy . It appers that when the teams two choices for a position have been picked/banned, the champ the computer picks is the one with the highest OP score, REGARDLESS of whether they are meta in that position or not. For example in Patch 7.21, if Sej, Lee Sin, J4, and Ezreal were included in the opponents jungle choice and they were all banned, instead of picking the next best jungler (Kayn), it would pick Trist bc she was so OP...

  • 18 Nov, '17

    ...idk if this it what it does 100% but I saw way too many Trist jungle picks in these situations in that patch beyond a cheese strat

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