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This is a tactic you see a lot in the LCS. So such as adc is my first role to pick and cait is my first string. If cait get banned then i want my jungle to be my first pick. So i think we should be able to pick any champion for any position and before the match starts you can swap champions into the right roles to increase their op.

Suggested by: Ben Crawford

Under consideration

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  • 13 Jun, '17
    Maximilian Frisch

    You can do this already lol swipe 1 time to the left and then u can chose who picks first etc . then u dont need to trade

  • 22 Jun, '17

    He was saying about champion select not main menu. U dont know if Caitlyn will be banned or not

  • 07 Jul, '17

    It would also be great if they didnt show which role u or your enemy picked so that for example u pick j4 top the enemy could think its j4 jungle so counterpicking is harder

  • 03 Aug, '17

    Nah last one is meh. But yeah if you could choose which Champ for which role in the champ system would be awesome. My strategy is choosing THR for support first so the enemy does not pick but if the enemy ban I would really want to choose MAO for jungle so that the enemy does not pick him.

  • 13 Oct, '17

    Honestly, i would be in favor if this was real time pvp, but since it basicly human vs AI, I feel like this would make winning way too easy as the AI would most likely not be able to properly adjust itself, giving the player a massive advantage.

  • 02 Nov, '17
    Ban Dinh

    The best would be if you played this game head to head live when its enough players so that you can play this ban phase and pick phase like in LCS, LCK, LPL etc it would be more interesting but now there's not enough players so I think the ban system is good until this game is bigger and theres a lot of players playing.

  • 10 Feb
    Sedat Kırım

    This would be great. İf ai is the problem you can change team page with adding priority selection. We can arrange our favourites and they can come in that order maybe.

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