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Small victories mean something


Such as when you have a fight in top lane and your champion wins they should gain a small increase in op such as 1%-2%. The reason behind this is because when you kill a enemy champion you gain gold in LoL in turn the more kills you get the stronger you become and the more impact you have on the rest of the game.

Suggested by: Ben Crawford


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  • 07 Jun, '17
    Orezeanu Codrin Merged

    The towers should give op points

  • 18 Jun, '17
    Lucas chen Merged

    I 100% agree with this. Some games, I win every lane but jungle, but their jungle gets first blood and all the dragons. And I end up losing despite having like 10 more kills in other lanes.

  • 23 Jun, '17

    Probably the best Idea here.

  • 23 Jun, '17
    Davide Giallombardo Merged

    There should be a limit....I mean...
    After many "X" kills you reach the maximum level and power (you basically have all your items) so there is an "OP" maximum cap.

  • 27 Jun, '17

    I agree but the other team should get a shut down reward too

  • 29 Jun, '17
    Sean Merged

    If its a close fight the team that gets dragon wins, there is no comeback potential. Also, if you get a tower you should get a % bonus. And finally there is a bug where you lose the first blood bonus op amount when that champ loses a fight.

  • 04 Jul, '17
    Hexler Merged

    Thats a really good idea because it is making me angry when the enemy has just one better lane but still wins because his op is too high.
    Getting +2% of op would help other lanes having more impact in the game.

  • 06 Jul, '17

    i don't know, the shutdown would not work properly, becouse in teamfight, you really can,t win if you have less op points then other team... :(

  • 07 Jul, '17

    Towers and Kills should just get the suggested reward, so individual lanes have impact in the game. The game is way too linear right now. If individual lanes can raise their OP through getting kills/towers each match would be more INTeresting :-D

  • 13 Jul, '17
    Misha Merged

    I agree why the jungler is the most imorten 1

  • 19 Jul, '17

    Also when u win a match there is a minimum possibility to win a pack like bronze or silver pack

  • 25 Jul, '17

    All the things that in real matches give money should take account in the op points, like a 1-5% op for killin someone etc

  • 25 Jul, '17

    I completely agree about the small victories, they actually determine how the game goes more than the op factor, actually I believe farming should somehow take into consideration, maybe making a calculation about how good is a champ at farming other than killing, and it would be just amazing if the player would choose the champs to focus on farming or pushing rather than killing at some points of the game

  • 13 Aug, '17
    Rellic Merged

    Make champ score increase on each kill and towers (less then fb but 2 or 3) (global value for towers) = Snow ball on lane

    Fight for dragon/Nashor : the most valuable jungler get the buff, the most valuable team Ace the other (+5% value)

    Nashor buff : + 15% buff for 2 or 3 rounds

    Why does lee sin 1vs1 a nasus late game ?

    Let the player choose if top laner tp On each side. If not then it take top tower

  • 31 Aug, '17

    I think this would be a good idea, but some idea to balance that would be when the champion who win this advantage die it would be lost part or all of the % of op that it win in the wins,or something like that

  • 06 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Kills=more op" (suggested by Basilhs Loupos on 2017-06-05), including upvotes (151) and comments (2), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 06 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Have % bonus for things other than first blood and dragon/baron" (suggested by Sean on 2017-06-29), including upvotes (3) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 06 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Come Bach mechanics" (suggested by Rellic on 2017-08-13), including upvotes (1) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 14 Sep, '17
    BadPiriPiri Merged

    Modify a bit the towers kill and give rewards on killing enemies (our rewards on tower destruction

  • 25 Sep, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "In game Suggestion" (suggested by BadPiriPiri on 2017-09-14), including upvotes (1) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 13 Oct, '17

    I agree, I was thinking the exact same thing. I feel like this could give an interesting dynamic to the game and could cause some interesting twist in game.

  • 21 Oct, '17

    I agree with that suggestion. It's makes Sense.

  • 23 Oct, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Towers update" (suggested by Orezeanu Codrin on 2017-06-07), including upvotes (16) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 11 Nov, '17
    Vinícius do Vale

    The same thing with bonus to take the towers, which give general bonus in LoL. It could gain up to 5% for each destroyed tower. And bonus for winning the champion on top of the other, because in LoL when you defeat the enemy, you win gold, which gives you more item, having more impact in the game

  • 13 Dec, '17
    LOL Champion Manager Team Admin

    "Teamfighting-1v1-Skirmishing and early/late game bonuses for Champions." (suggested by Kilian Rueger on 2017-09-26), including upvotes (5) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

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