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Have like a once a game/match active akill that COULD change the game. Like flash to avoid the skirmish, exhaust to lower the enemy's op or ignite to raise your op. Just an idea

Suggested by: Wesley Frost

Not planned

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  • 24 Jun, '17

    Definitely make it so! There is far too little interaction in game. Throw in some strategy!

  • 26 Jun, '17

    Exhaust lowers the op of the strongest opponent by 5%... teleport adds your toplaner to the fight. Ignite delets the weakest opponent from the fight. "Call" gives you a 5% chance to kill the dragon without any fight before.

    You can use all abilities only 1 time in a match.

  • 29 Jun, '17

    Yeah i agree

  • 29 Jun, '17

    Werwolf383 its a good idea but first fights should mean something, actually the only important fights are drake and 1st blood and everyone would use all their summoners in those (by time baron fights appear the match is already decided)

  • 25 Jul, '17

    This is actually something I also thought about and was planning on posting it, the observation Solluth its actually really accurate, and so I think the solution is to make the game a little longer (maybe, instead of 2 min. 6 min.) giving the player and the game itself more time to make plays that affect the development of the game, if anyone curious about this, I'm planning to make a post where I write more deeply about these ideas.

  • 03 Aug, '17

    First, the Skill Needed & Controlable Game ideas should be added to the game so that it needs strategy and then they have to add the Spells

  • 09 Aug, '17

    We could like play minigames during fight, against a dragon try to perfectly smite...

  • 19 Aug, '17

    I think the idea of the game is not interactivity. But the add of summoner speel ( lets say like 1 per champion) that activates in certain occasion (dragon fight for smite, flash to avoid death or tower destruction, ignite for OP up in close battle, ... ) could be very cool and add tactics to the game. The idea of cooldown in a number a turns like for baron could also be great I think.

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